From The Archives - Consider The Source - 12.06.19
Ardmore Music Hall

From The Archives - Consider The Source - 12.06.19

December 6, 2019, Consider The Source - captured live at Ardmore Music Hall!

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  1. Aquarians
  2. Many Words Of Disapproval
  3. It Is Known
  4. They Call Him The Smiling Assassin
  5. When You've Loved And Lost Like Frankie Has
  6. You Won A Goat!
  7. I'll Fight For The Imp
  8. Unfulfilled And Alienated
  9. Bass Solo
  10. The Dubious Honor
  11. Enemies of MagicK
  12. The One Who Knocks

Sound Engineer: Jesse Soifer

Post Production by Galactic Cat Audio

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