*POSTPONED TO DATE TBD*Hezekiah Jones + Mason Porter + AC Sapphire
WXPN Welcomes


Mason Porter

AC Sapphire

Under 21 With Guardian
A night of Philly folk. Seated + table options available!

WXPN Welcomes

Hezekiah Jones

Hezekiah Jones is a seasoned genre-defying band rooted in writing finely crafted songs and performed by a line-up of featuring some of Philadelphia’s best musicians. . "Raph Cutrufello is the one constant over the 8 years of existence and the man responsible for starting Hezekiah Jones." Bruce Warren, Assistant Manager of WXPN in Philadelphia says, “Hezekiah Jones are phenomenally talented. I think Raph is one of the most creative, one of the most unique, and has a real singular voice and vision for his music.”

Hezekiah Jones is stage name of Raphael Cutrufello and the other members of the band include Kiley Ryan(Kiwi Jones), Daniel Bower(Roy G. Biv Jones), and Brad Hinton(Poconos Jones), with bass duties rotating around Philip D'Agostino(Pepe Jones), Chris Grunwald(Dow Jones), and Eve Sheldon(Eleven Jones).

“Hezekiah Jones is a superb singer-songwriter, with a very talented group of musical friends, and music that ranges from toe-tapping fun to glued-to-your-seat awe-inspiring moments.”

- One Fan at a Time

Hezekiah Jones is the musical nom de plume for Raphael Cutrufello and a band of like-minded musicians crafting alternative folk music. His catalog of songs sometimes sounds like a post-apocalyptic White Album, as covered by Sufjan Stevens. The biting, sometimes campy vibe only serves to intensify the blow of his sucker-punch ballads. Songs are filled with outlandish characters, imagined landscapes, ringing harmonies, and baroque instrumental flourishes, but never disconnect from the tangible feelings at their center. -Peter Marinari, CBS Philadelphia

Mason Porter

"Bluegrass musicianship meets jam-band exploration, delivered with a self-confident Philly attitude." Joe Hudak, -Rolling Stone. It's that raw energy that connects Mason Porter with their audience every time. They play a style of American music that's unique in many ways; traveling in the borderlands of folk-rock, bluegrass, jam and pop. The band has the ability to combine the earthy, Appalachian instruments with more urban appeal. With a dance-able vibe, an energetic live show and fresh approach to improvisation, Mason Porter and its growing community finds itself at home everywhere they go.

Venue Information:
The Ardmore Music Hall
23 East Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, PA, 19003